Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happiness is so much simpler than you think...

Not sure how many of you have seen this most profound Salomon video clip featuring a young man in France who runs with his two dogs, a mother and son, and the lessons he learns in life but are easy to forget.

What I try to remember each morning I awake, is to make my day like it was not only my first but also possibly my last as one...deeply grateful for the love of close family, friends, and my new pup, Kit.  Keaton passed away October 1, 2015.  It took me until July 2016 to find a new companion.  She's a rescue pup and is the epitome of a four-footed, loving companion. 

I was told in high school by an English teacher I had "joie de vivre".  She said to never lose it.  I nearly did in my 30s when married and struggling deeply with which direction I needed to go. The proverbial fork in the road.  Which path would I take?

At 56 years old and quickly approaching 57, with a head full of formerly grey hair that I recently had died platinum (for fun), I now feel great about, I've decided this is a poignant time for figuring out what I want to be, or do, when I grow up.  My virtual office at home began in 1986.  You could call me a home office pioneer.  No internet to rely upon, massive amounts of Annual Reports, and confidential reports FEDEXed to clients.  Man, has my business changed! 

My son is off and doing extremely well.  Three years ago he met an Irish lassie, gentle, kind hearted, and an old soul.  They're marrying June 16, 2018 on the beach in Sea Bright, NJ.  Although he's always in the back of my mind, I don't have to worry about him like I did when he was in college.  He has successfully flown the coup.  I'd be remiss in not admitting to missing him immensely and our connection.  I logically know you raise your children the best you can to set them free but it's much harder than you ever realize until you truly let them go.  One day he will know how I feel, as he will start a family with his soon to be bride.  All the books I read, and according to my ex husband they weigh more than I do, hopefully have helped during those first three to four crucial years of early parenting.  If his choice of his fiance is any reflection on my parenting, I'll accept it because he couldn't have selected a more perfect choice than Bernadette, as they are best friends and will remain so forever.

I hope you enjoy this short video clip.

Thank you, Salomon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Upon surfing the internet while working remotely in the Mid West with my Classic 550 Tear Drop, I happened upon this link to Dennis Carter's beautiful island inn in Maine.  He and his partner are true homesteaders.  He has made their inn, and cabin, from hand-cut, honed wooden beams from their land.  The inn is exceedingly immense and hosts guests from the early Spring to late Fall. 

Another dream of mine would be to have a small, minimalist off-grid home close to the water or possibly on the water, whether ocean or lake.  See the below link to Dennis Carter, founder and owner of Deer Isle Hostel in Maine uses a 2-pound hammer to cut a 26,000 pound block of lovely Deer Isle granite into two equal parts. This is the first of many cuts. When finished, the resulting smaller blocks will be used to make the foundation of a workshop that he is building at the Hostel.

Enjoy for all you curious, web surfing friends, family, and peeps who desire a simpler life.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

THE SCOTUS ruling for marriage equality 5-4 at approximately just after 10 a.m. on June 26, 2015, only one month ago, was a humongous time in our country's history.  On and off since 2000, I've volunteered for nonprofits advocating for gay rights.  The Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, Options Newsmagazine, and Maine's Campaign for Marriage Equality, with the hope that one day, I could get married again, if I ever wanted to.  Thank you to many friends I've met over the years for all your consistent, tireless advocacy to make that day a reality.

While on my travels this year and into 2016, it will be fantastic to meet gay couples planning on marrying, to listen to their stories of how they met, and their deepest feelings about what this ruling means to them.  I don't know if Keatie will be with me for the entire trip as she is in end-stage liver failure with about five months left though I feel she's got much more in her.   Knowing her, she'll let me know when she's ready to let go.  It's always in her eyes, she speaks to me from a deep level and let's me know how she's feeling.  One would never know she's as sick as she is as she's  happy, eating well, and is playing ball like only a mad female type A Jack Russell can, with her fav regular sized or mini yellow tennis balls.  While shopping for the trip the other day, I picked up an electric orange  (anyone bleed 4282 orange out there that is reading this?) frisbee for her that I know she'll love for sure.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Within a two or three-week period, Keatie and I will hit the road for Kearney, Nebraska where our nearly one year old Camp Inn Classic 550 Teardrop Trailer, to be named either "ROAM" (B52s thanks to my brother, Kevin) or Irish Mist (to honor my dearly, beloved Dad), is "residing" with it's current owners Michael and Deborah.  Michael is a Chiropractor and Deborah works as their office manager.  I found them on a Camp Inn site advertising the sale of their Trailer.  When my son Dan was 11 years old, we were camping with my sister, Laura and her husband, Kevin at their Newport camp site with their children, Keegan, Katie, and baby, Erinn.  That's when the Teardrop Fever bug officially bit me!

As soon as taxes are done, clothes organized, final Dr. visits are done, we're packed and the lease of my well-decorated condo in an 1813 mill close to Providence is finalized, we will hit the road to visit friends in Stamford, CT, (Meg & Charlie, Maryellen, Glenn) Pittsburgh, PA, (Peggy & Chris), OH (Darrell & Beth), MI (Lynne & Glenn), IL (Patty & CW), my cousin, KC Dunn in Depauw, IN, and then Michael and Deborah in NE.  Any thoughts on whether I should name "her" ROAM or Irish Mist are welcome.  I will be working as well as I'm back to my executive search and corporate intelligence research business and have some searches on the table at the current moment.  Two searches, a head of Investor Relations and a head of Regulatory Affairs, are for an orphan drug company (fascinating medical technology being developed for extremely rare diseases) and the other, an IB/Executive Search, long-time friend who's interested in joining a boutique executive search firm.

Next time I write will be prior to our departure.  I'll be posting pictures and video as well, too, and some family and friends will join me on the way.  Suggestions for bucket list places for me to see or do are welcome.  Thanks in advance!